IT Architecture

IT Architecture

To help you better align your IT strategies with your overall organizational direction, Magnasoft Technology’s innovative and ever-evolving architecture consulting practice provides leading business and technical transformation architecture services. Whether you require architecture consulting as a standalone or full support service, Magnasoft Technology gives you access to a comprehensive pool of premium consultants and IT skills – what you need, when and where you need it. Our high level of organizational understanding will help you create a long-term vision for your business architecture and the technical milestones to achieve it.


The Right Expertise at the Right Time

Our cross-branch, multi-disciplinary architecture community delivers three levels of IT architecture expertise, each with its own skill sets, capabilities and value.

Enterprise Architecture

Enteprise Architects

... provide strategy definition and business alignment, helping IT organizations align better with their own businesses by creating processes, policies, strategies and frameworks. Our Enterprise Architecture experts are, in essence, business IT transformation agents.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architects

... bring multi-practice and multi-technology expertise. They have a broader technology focus and assist you with longer term strategic IT initiatives and large, multi-technology solutions. They initiate, lead and are key in the successful delivery of technology projects.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architects

... design the technology infrastructure that supports the deployment of core, mission-critical applications.

Value from Start to Finish

Value from Start to Finish

With their extensive business and architecture consulting skills, our team of exceptional architects can assist with:

  • Process and business transformation including development of guiding principles
  • Technology assessment and roadmap creation, allowing you to make strategic IT decisions
  • Overall best practices project delivery and implementation

Our architecture team provides guidance and support for all Magnasoft's technology practices. By consistently leveraging the best skills, frameworks and methodologies, we ensure our projects and services meet your vision and offer continuous value from kickoff to final delivery – and beyond.

Total Project Support

Our architecture practice supports the entire project through a combination of IT architecture, enterprise architecture and business architecture. We spend time up front to ensure programs and projects run smoothly through to completion. Throughout the planning, implementation and monitoring stages, we continuously consider how to best resolve your architecture challenges and deliver integrated solutions from a cross-practice perspective.

Total Project Support