Big Data

Big Data

Big data -- massive amounts of unstructured data -- has remarkable value in it. But you need to find it first. Through data management and other technology and analytics tools, companies can not only find, but move the needle in the big data haystack.


What can we do for you?

Our big data experts can help you make sense of the zetabytes of data you accumulated.

Big Data Analytics


Transforming data into actionable insights for better decision making

Big Data UX Design

Data UX Design

Providing the right context for data analysis, answers, and actions



Communicating complex information with intuitive visual representation

Volume, Variety, Velocity, Value

The Vs: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Value

LatentView turns Big Data into results oriented insights. We use the optimal combination of business, data and math to extract predictive signals from the noise and turn them into action packaged solutions.

Who are our Big Data experts and solution providers?

Our Big Data consultants have a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Mining Experts, Data Analyst/Modelers, Big Data Solutions Architects, Visualization Designers and Statisticians. Our data experts have the ability to deploy advanced analytical tools and techniques coupled with deep domain knowledge, experience and creative thinking to solve complex business problems. Whether it is minimizing risk, simplifying supply chains or innovating and identifying new channels of growth and profitability, you can turn to Magnasoft Technology for faster, efficient, reliable and cost-effective on-demand recruitment.

Big Data Experts